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Important Formulas:

S. No. Terms
1 Vertex
2 Focus
3 Equation of  axis
4 Equation of directrix
5 Eccentricity
6 Extremities of latusrectum
7 Length of latusrectum
8 Equation of tangent at vertex
9 Parametric equation
10 Focal distance of any point
11 Equation of latusrectum

General  Equation of Conic: A second degree equation   represents

1.   Pair of straight lines , if

2.  Circle, if

3.  Parabola, if  and 

4. Ellipse, if and

5.  Hyperbola, if   and

6.  Rectangular hyperbola, if and

7.  Parabola: If focus of a parabola is and equation of the directrix is , then the equation of the parabola is